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All proceeds from our online shop are used to fund SolidariTee's work supporting NGOs providing empowering, long-term aid to refugees, asylum seekers and other forcibly displaced people. Scroll down to view our full range of products and learn more about the meaning behind each of the designs. Thank you for visiting our shop, and for standing in solidarity with refugees worldwide. 

One t-shirt, one statement, one movement.

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SolidariTee x Elpida Home Collection
(100% organic cotton) 

The design across this series of tees is inspired by a piece created by a group of 12 refugees and asylum seekers as part of a collaborative art workshop hosted by Elpida Home, an NGO in Thessaloniki, Greece. Each person stood against a large piece of paper in a different pose, whilst the others traced their outline. Some overlapping, others distinct by nature, this artwork represents the diversity and individuality of the refugee community, whilst also encapsulating the shared experience of being forced to flee one's home. 

All three t-shirts in this range are vegan made from 100% organic cotton, printed using vegan, non-toxic inks by a London Living Wage employer. 

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SolidariTee x Wahid Taraky Collection

Wahid Taraky is a teacher turned calligrapher from Afghanistan, who was living in Moria camp as an asylum seeker at the time of creating these designs. The words on the tees - Hope, Peace and Safety - reflect, in his own words, the concepts he and so many others who have experienced violence and persecution are forced to flee their homes in search of. 

SolidariTee x Dar Al Naim Collection

These t-shirt designs, along with the now sold-out tote bag and linen print (pictured left), came about as a result of the collaboration between SolidariTee and Dar Al Naim, a young Sudanese artist whose work demonstrates a dynamic look into her nomadic, afropolitan and diasporic way of life. Regarding the tee design, in her words:


"Here we see a silhouette of a person alone at sea looking in only one direction: freedom. This piece is meant to remind the viewers about the mass and the individual lost in it – one of many but still one. The sea becomes immense and the human minute."

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