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Support organisations reuniting families, and help those who have fled violence and persecution reach peace and safety. 

Legal aid, or the lack of, can have a profound impact on a person’s life. Legal aid prevents unjust deportations, enables those who have fled violence and persecution to leave camps where no human being should be forced to live, and allows people to begin fulfilling and prosperous lives in their new host countries.

We view legal aid as the most sustainable, long-term form of support we can offer - to read more about this, click here. As a grant-giving organisation, we carefully select the NGOs that we support to ensure that we are funding work where the need is greatest, meaning we can have the largest positive impact for refugees and asylum seekers. We also seek to include a variety of inclusive ways for supporters to show solidarity with refugees, which don't solely include purchasing merchandise, and as such have several options through which you can donate to support our work directly.

Thank you for standing with us and refugees everywhere.

monthly 'coffee cup' donations

At SolidariTee, we believe in the power of the collective.
If just 43 people pledged £4 (the price of a fancy cappuccino!), each month for a year, together they would fund a month's worth of fees for a Greek lawyer.
If 520 people took this pledge, together they would wholly fund the salary of a Greek lawyer at a legal aid NGO, each and every month. That's just 7 carriages on a London Underground tube, providing access to legal representation to hundreds of asylum seekers.

SolidariTee virtual gifts

Whether for yourself or for a loved one, all of our virtual gifts correspond to a specific, real-world impact equivalent. Your gift could fund the equivalent of a night of accommodation for 5 volunteers, all the way through to a Greek lawyer for an entire week. 

With each gift, the recipient will receive a brochure with more information on our work and the impact of the donation, and if the gift is for someone else, they can also receive a handwritten card with a message of your choice. 

one-off donation

If you'd like to donate a specific amount one a one-off basis, you can also do so here.  We view legal aid as the most empowering, long-term form of support we can offer, and a little money goes a long way with the NGOs we support. We are enormously grateful for all donations, both large and small, and since we spend less than 4% of all of our income on admin and operational costs, you can be sure your money is reaching those who need it most. 

Please note that whilst these figures are based on budget lines from NGOs that we currently fund or have funded in the past, they are only estimates intended to give you an appreciation of the impact a donation can have. SolidariTee operates on a grant-giving model - all donations that we receive enter a central funding pool, from which we give grants to organisations giving sustainable, effective legal aid on the ground. To see the NGOs that we are supporting this year, click here

Donations for virtual gifts are received through DonorBox, which is linked to PayPal and Stripe. Please consider covering the cost of donation fees, as we are unable to recover these otherwise. If you cannot donate through our website for any reason or would like to donate via an alternative route, please email and we can arrange an alternative method of donation.