SolidariTee is the largest student-led charity fighting for change in the refugee crisis. We raise awareness of the crisis and offer grants to NGOs and individuals working in this field.

Charity Number: 1182195

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SolidariTee is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England & Wales with the Charity Commission.

You'd need a lawyer.

In the refugee crisis, legal aid is the most valuable aid we can offer. It will protect thousands of people from being unjustly deported back to life-threatening danger, and from living in inhumane conditions in refugee camp.

The asylum system is impossible to navigate without legal expertise. You would not choose to tackle any complex legal process without a lawyer. Despite this, legal aid is scarce for refugees. European authorities are overburdened by the scale of the crisis, and NGOs struggle to find funding as the crisis powers on.


The problem.

The harsh reality is that, without legal aid, the majority of refugees will be deported back to the danger which they initially fled from. If that wasn't harsh enough already, refugees arriving in Greece today will wait until 2022 for their asylum interview - meaning they'll spend years living in treacherous refugee camps. 

At SolidariTee, we offer grants to legal aid NGOs supporting refugees. We're making sure lawyers and translators can stay on the field to continue their vital work. In 2018-19, we proudly covered the entire operational costs of Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid and Mobile Info Team.