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Donate to SolidariTee

We believe in the power of the collective. Donating to SolidariTee means supporting grassroots NGOs providing vital legal and psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. We believe these forms of expert support are the most effective options to make long-term change in a person's life. 

We have three main options for making a donation: donating a single amount, setting up a regular donation for the price of a coffee (or pizza!), or purchasing a virtual gift for yourself or a loved one. Click on the link at the bottom of any of the three boxes to be taken to the relevant donation portal. 

One-off donations

If you'd like to donate a specific amount on a one-off basis, you can do so here.  


With no office space or paid staff, we're extremely efficient with our donations. You can be sure that each and every contribution helps support vital work in the here and now, carried out by thoroughly vetted NGOs doing excellent work. 

'I'll buy you a cappuccino!'

It's something lots of us commonly do for friends and family, and ​now you can do the same for SolidariTee and the communities we support. 

By donating the price of a cappuccino each month you're already making a difference:

together, 60 people's monthly cappuccino could pay for an entire NGO office space!

Virtual gift

For yourself or for a loved one, all of our virtual gifts correspond to a specific, real-world impact equivalent.

With each gift, the recipient will receive a brochure with more information on our work and the impact of the donation, and if the gift is for someone else, they can also receive a handwritten card with a message of your choice. 

If you'd like to donate via cheque or bank transfer instead of donating online,
please email for details.

Legal aid, or the lack of, can have a profound impact on a person’s life. Legal aid prevents unjust deportations, enables those who have fled violence and persecution to leave camps where no human being should be forced to live, and allows people to begin fulfilling and prosperous lives in their new host countries. As a grant-giving organisation, we carefully select the NGOs that we support to ensure that we are funding work where the need is greatest, meaning we can have the largest positive impact for refugees and asylum seekers.​

Please note that whilst the figures used to demonstrate real-world impact are based on budget lines from NGOs that we currently fund or have funded in the past, they are only estimates intended to give you an appreciation of the impact a donation can have. SolidariTee operates on a grant-giving model - all donations that we receive enter a central funding pool, from which we give grants to organisations giving sustainable, effective legal aid on the ground. To see the NGOs that we are supporting this year, click here

Donations through our online portal are received through DonorBox, which is linked to PayPal and Stripe. Please consider covering the cost of donation fees, as we are unable to recover these otherwise.

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