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'Her' and 'Salamatea' - SolidariTee Posters

'Her' and 'Salamatea' - SolidariTee Posters



About the artist: Nazanin Rassa is a visual artist based in London and Bristol. Her process is rooted in portraiture and figurative representations of the natural world, ritual, collective and self-identity. Nazanin describes her work as a dream-like space which explores the magic within our shared existence.


About the design: ‘Salamatea’ is Dari for ‘health’. This painting is dedicated to the tradition and ritual of green tea or chai sabz (چای سبز) in Afghan households. The aesthetic is inspired by Mokhtar Tea, a brand of tea found in many Afghan kitchens. Original artwork: Salmatea, 2020. Oil on canvas. 61 x 76cm.



About the artist: Aboudi Akkari is a Syrian artist and PR, Arts and Science School graduate based in Beirut. He has been enjoying various forms of art but particularly has worked in graphic design and sketch drawings. Akkari is a self-taught artist, who has begun to express his creativity through various media and materials from the age of 10 years old.


About the design: Akkari created the painting ‘Her’ on canvas during the peak of the Covid19 pandemic and a strict lockdown and curfew in Lebanon. It Is a watercolour painting on canvas as background with the female features of ‘Her’ in his preferred one-line technique. The painting was meant for his own new apartment in Beirut. He eventually sold it to acquaintances in Italy, who gave it as a gift to celebrate a friend’s newborn baby.


The posters are priced at £10 each, with bundles of two posters being available for £16.

If you are ordering a tee, you can purchase a poster for £3, by choosing this option in the delivery section.

Both posters are printed on A4 recylced paper. 

  • Material


    Size: A4

    The posters are printed on 100% recycled paper by footprinters, an environmentally conscious printing cooperative based in Leeds.

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