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SolidariTee gives grants to NGOs providing empowering, long-term aid to refugees and asylum seekers. 

Who we support


In particular, but not exclusively, we have chosen to focus on NGOs providing legal aid and other related services, such as translation and interpretation, mental health and psychological support, protection services, and advocacy efforts. Thus far, we have awarded more than £350,000 in grants.

To read more about the NGOs we've worked with, visit the pages for each grant cycle. 

How we choose our NGOs

We carefully select each grant recipient to ensure that we are funding work where SolidariTee's support is able to make the biggest difference, through a combination of written application, budget review, and interview. In practice, this usually means that we fund small to medium sized organisations, and seek to provide grants where an injection of funding will enable an NGO to either ensure its long-term sustainability, or to expand, grow and develop. 

The NGO world is not straightforward; funding is scarce across the board, and tends to come and go along with media attention. Many NGOs doing vital work are forced to close simply through being unable to secure enough money to keep going. In many contexts, this has led to a continual turnover of new NGOs being set up and closed down, leading to less reliable services for the communities they seek to support, and no ability for organisations to plan ahead. At the same time, funding can sometimes be very 'donor-driven', meaning that NGOs have to focus on doing projects that donors want to fund, which can be at odds with where the greatest need is. This, amongst other factors, also results in refugees, asylum seekers, and other affected populations having little say in the services they receive, or ability to report any issues they experience in many cases. 

That's why, at SolidariTee, we've tried to take a different approach. We focus on enabling NGOs to do what they do best.


We don't ask that NGOs set up specific new projects in order to get funding; we are just as happy to cover general operational costs as we are to support a specific project, so long as there will be a long-term benefit to the organisation. We also focus heavily on accountability to the affected population - we want to ensure that the NGOs we fund are involving those they seek to support in guiding strategy at every level. Beneficiaries must be able to express what kind of services they want, and how those services are best provided, protected from further harm through robust safeguarding procedures, and have the opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences. Above all, we want to know that the work we're funding provides tangible, lasting benefits to those forced to flee persecution and violence, and is provided in a respectful, inclusive way. 

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