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SolidariTee Legal Aid Grant May 2021

Currently open: closes midnight BST on Friday 11th June 2021

After offering 6 NGOs funding totalling £103,000 within our May 2020-February 21 grant cycle, we are delighted to be opening applications for another round of grants. We welcome applications from non-governmental organisations anywhere in the world, who are providing long-term, empowering aid to refugees, asylum seekers, and/or other vulnerable migrants.

What we fund

At present, we are focussed on supporting organisations providing legal aid and related services (i.e. translation and interpretation for the purposes of asylum claims, and medical and psychological advocacy relating to a person’s asylum claim).

We do not typically fund organisations providing immediate, or short-term aid, other than in exceptional circumstances. If your organisation is providing a service other than legal aid, please make clear in your application why your work contributes to a long-term positive outcome for your beneficiaries. We are unlikely to fund organisations operating in the Mediterranean providing services other than legal aid; if your organisation provides a mixture of legal and non-legal services on the external European border, we would encourage you to focus your application on your legal aid services.


We only fund organisations, and will not be able to fund individuals who are seeking financial support in order to volunteer with an organisation supporting refugees or asylum seekers. We prize technical expertise, high organisational capacity, transparency and commitment to upholding the dignity and autonomy of beneficiaries as indicators of organisational strength.

Our priorities for funding

We aim to support organisations operating in a sustainable, efficient and effective manner, which is respectful of its beneficiaries. We seek to provide grants where our funding will significantly increase the capacity or long-term potential of the organisation. As such, this grant may suit newer organisations who are looking to implement a growth strategy, as well as more established organisations for whom this grant would enable them to expand their activities. 


It is important to us that our grant recipients are aware of, and where relevant in collaboration with, other local actors, to avoid duplication of efforts and contribute to greater overall impact. 


Financial parameters

Wherever possible, we seek to fund entire budget lines within an organisation’s overall operations. We are not currently in a position to fund grants of above £60,000, and typically provide grants of between £20,000 - £40,000. Applicants are welcome to apply for the maximum amount of funding, and as such to include multiple budget lines in their application where relevant, but please note that successful applicants may be offered a smaller amount of funding than they initially applied for.

Most grants will be paid in installments between September 2021 - September 2022, though the dates of these installments will be agreed upon with successful grant recipients. 


If you have a strong preference and rationale as to the timeline of these instalments please outline this in your application. Ordinarily, the implementation period of SolidariTee grants would be up to 2 years, but we also welcome applications from longer-term projects.


Application Details

Please submit all applications to by midnight BST on Friday 11th June. Applications submitted earlier will not be subject to any advantages. Applicants who are successful in the first round will be invited to attend a video interview in the week commencing either 14th or 21st June, and all organisations will be notified as to the outcome of their application by Monday 12th July. 

Please view our grant making policy, and our guidance on submitting applications below, along with our safeguarding policy and example donor report. We will also be holding a free workshop on writing grant applications, which representatives from any organisation are welcome to attend, which will be held at 5pm UK time on Thursday 20th May. To access the recording from this event, or if you have any other questions, please send an email to the above address. 

For organisations wishing be notified regarding future grant applications, please fill in the brief form below:

Previous Grant Cycles

SolidariTee Legal Aid Grant 2020

Applications closed on the 1st May 2020, with all applicants being notified as to the outcome of their application by 1st June 2020. Grants were disbursed between September 2020 and March 2021. Application details can be found below:

"Applications will not be assessed on a rolling basis and therefore applications submitted earlier will not be subject to any advantages. We are currently not in a position to fund grants of above £60,000. If you apply for a grant of under £20,000, this may be disbursed via a lump sum payment as early as December 2020.


For all grants above £20,000, these will be made in instalments such that the grant is disbursed in its entirety no later than August 2021, with the first instalment occurring no earlier than December 2020. If you have a strong preference and rationale as to the timeline of these instalments please outline this in your application. 

We encourage organisations planning sustainable solutions to get in contact with us. We are happy to hear from groups creating innovative fundraising ideas in the form of prospective proposals. We prize high organisational capacity, transparency and adherence to deadlines as indicators of organisational strength."


Applications closed on the 27th March 2020, with funding being disbursed in April 2020. Details of the application criteria can be found below:  

The COVID-19 outbreak poses an enormous threat to communities around the world and especially to the most vulnerable. As a result, SolidariTee is seeking grant applications from organisations who are working to protect refugees from this outbreak.


We are in a position to offer a small grant to fund a project of up to £10,000. Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate: the efficacy and scientific basis of their planned response, specialist knowledge of their field of operations, how their project fits into the greater humanitarian response in their field of operations, and considerations of sustainability and long-term impact where applicable.  


Please note that organisations are free to apply for both the COVID-19 grant and our main 2020-21 grant (see below), and the two will be assessed independently. Please see our Grant Making Policy for further guidance. Please note that point 2.2 will not apply to the provision of a COVID-19 response grant and the suggested timeline will be in accordance with what is listed above.