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Apply for a Grant

SolidariTee gives grants to non-governmental organisations providing empowering, lasting forms of aid to refugees and other displaced people.  

Applications are currently open for grant funding to be disbursed in 2024 and 2025.

SolidariTee is delighted to have recently completed our 2023 grant cycle, having provided £115,000 in grant funding over the past 12 months. Please refer to the application information pack below, and then follow the link to complete the online application form. 

Key dates and deadlines:

Application guidance and Q&A: Tuesday 28th November, 15:00 Greek time
This will be an approximately 45 minute Zoom call to answer any application questions that organisat
ions may have. Please email to attend.

Deadline for eligibility enquiries: Monday 18th December to allow time for organisations to receive a response prior to deciding whether to submit an application

Deadline for written applications: Friday 29th December. We are aware that the application period clashes with holiday periods for many. The SolidariTee team are all volunteers, and as such often need to use annual leave and holiday periods to review applications, but we do not want to contribute to toxic work cultures for any organisation. If you anticipate holiday periods causing a challenge in meeting the application deadlines, please write to to request an extension by Monday 18th December.

Accessibility: If you would like to receive the information pack or application form in another language or format, please do let us know. We can provide plain text or word document versions, or discuss other ways for you to provide the relevant information.


To be kept up to date about future grant applications, please subscribe to our organisation maiing list (note this is different to our general mailing list):


Previous grant cycle details: for information only

Application Details: 23 Grant Cycle

"This year, our mission through our grant funding is specifically to bridge the gap between legal aid and MHPSS (mental health and psychosocial support) to create impactful, lasting change, and in doing so, to mitigate some of the psychological harms that are inherent within the asylum process. By providing focussed funding, we seek to meaningfully build capacity for the provision of trauma-informed services which exist within, rather than outside of, the legal aid that is so vital for those seeking asylum." - extract from grant information pack

SolidariTee has £120,000 available to disburse to NGOs providing aid to refugees, asylum seekers, and other people forced to migrate in vulnerable situations within this grant cycle.

Full information about SolidariTee's priorities for grant funding, as well as what we seek to achieve within the sector through this grant cycle, can be found in the information pack below. This brochure is intended to be read both by prospective grant applicants, as well as by anyone who wishes to learn more about why we believe that legal aid and psychological support go hand-in-hand.

Closing date: Wednesday 12th October 2022, midnight GMT
Before applying: Organisations will need copies of their most recent set of accounts, and current policy documents, which can be uploaded as attachments via the application form. Long-form questions are included within the application form, but pre-existing attachments (for example, annual reports) may be uploaded at the end of the form instead of, or in addition to, answering these questions. Our grant-making policy and safeguarding of beneficiaries are also linked below, in addition to a generic grant application guidance document based on key learnings from previous years' applications. If organisations have infographics/data/reports clearly showing the scale and measurement of their impact, please include these, as we prize organisations which place a focus on monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning. 

SolidariTee will also be running an online workshop on Friday 30th September at 12pm GMT to provide generic guidance on grant applications - please email us to join. 

Accessibility: If your organisation wishes to submit an application in a language other than English, or will experience difficulties in submitting an application in the required format for reasons including but not limited to: staff illness, staff disabilities and/or learning difficulties, or lack of internet access in region of operation, please email to discuss reasonable adjustments to the process. 

Previous Grant Cycles

SolidariTee Legal Aid Grant 2021 - total disbursed £142,000

Applications closed on the 11th June 2021, with grant installments being disbursed between October 2021 and July 2021.

At present, we are focussed on supporting organisations providing legal aid and related services (i.e. translation and interpretation for the purposes of asylum claims, and medical and psychological advocacy relating to a person’s asylum claim). We do not typically fund organisations providing immediate, or short-term aid, other than in exceptional circumstances. If your organisation is providing a service other than legal aid, please make clear in your application why your work contributes to a long-term positive outcome for your beneficiaries.


We are unlikely to fund organisations operating in the Mediterranean providing services other than legal aid; if your organisation provides a mixture of legal and non-legal services on the external European border, we would encourage you to focus your application on your legal aid services. We prize technical expertise, high organisational capacity, transparency and commitment to upholding the dignity and autonomy of beneficiaries as indicators of organisational strength. We aim to support organisations operating in a sustainable, efficient and effective manner, which is respectful of its beneficiaries. We seek to provide grants where our funding will significantly increase the capacity or long-term potential of the organisation. As such, this grant may suit newer organisations who are looking to implement a growth strategy, as well as more established organisations for whom this grant would enable them to expand their activities.It is important to us that our grant recipients are aware of, and where relevant in collaboration with, other local actors, to avoid duplication of efforts and contribute to greater overall impact. - wording from grant information 2021

SolidariTee Legal Aid Grant 2020 - total disbursed £103,000

Applications closed on the 1st May 2020, with all applicants being notified as to the outcome of their application by 1st June 2020. Grants were disbursed between September 2020 and March 2021. 

"We encourage organisations planning sustainable solutions to get in contact with us. We are happy to hear from groups creating innovative fundraising ideas in the form of prospective proposals. We prize high organisational capacity, transparency and adherence to deadlines as indicators of organisational strength." - wording from grant information 2020

SolidariTee COVID-19 Emergency Fund - total disbured £10,500

Applications closed on the 27th March 2020, with funding being disbursed in April 2020. Details of the application criteria can be found below:  

The COVID-19 outbreak poses an enormous threat to communities around the world and especially to the most vulnerable. As a result, SolidariTee is seeking grant applications from organisations who are working to protect refugees from this outbreak.


We are in a position to offer a small grant to fund a project of up to £10,000. Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate: the efficacy and scientific basis of their planned response, specialist knowledge of their field of operations, how their project fits into the greater humanitarian response in their field of operations, and considerations of sustainability and long-term impact where applicable.  


Please note that organisations are free to apply for both the COVID-19 grant and our main 2020-21 grant (see below), and the two will be assessed independently. Please see our Grant Making Policy for further guidance. Please note that point 2.2 will not apply to the provision of a COVID-19 response grant and the suggested timeline will be in accordance with what is listed above.

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