SolidariTee is the largest student-led charity fighting for change in the refugee crisis. We raise awareness of the crisis and offer grants to individuals and NGOs working in this field

Charity Number: 1182195

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SolidariTee is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England & Wales with the Charity Commission.

Apply for a Grant

SolidariTee is looking to offer one or two grants as a result of our fundraising efforts in the 2019-2020 campaign year.


Our Grant Making Policy outlines guidance for the relevant details and can be found 


Applications should be sent to by 1st April 2020. We aim to notify all applicants as to the outcome of their application by the 1st May 2020. Applications will not be assessed on a rolling basis and therefore applications submitted earlier will not be subject to any advantages.


We are currently not in a position to fund grants of above £60,000. If you apply for a grant of under £20,000, this may be disbursed via a lump sum payment as early as December 2020. For all grants above £20,000, these will be made in instalments such that the grant is disbursed in its entirety no later than August 2021, with the first instalment occurring no earlier than December 2020. If you have a strong preference and rationale as to the timeline of these instalments please outline this in your application. 


Please note that applications received after midnight on the 1st April 2020 will not be considered in this application cycle.