Why Legal Aid

Asylum seekers waiting for food, Moria Camp (Lesvos), August 2019

SolidariTee offers grants to legal aid NGOs to assist Europe’s most vulnerable. In the short term, legal aid

minimises the risk of an individual who has a legitimate claim to asylum from being deported unjustly and brings family members, scattered across Europe, back together again. This aid allows refugees to begin prosperous lives beyond camps, and gain rights to education, accommodation and healthcare. It’s the most empowering form of aid we can offer.

 Camps are riddled with misinformation. Rumours spread quickly, whilst asylum seekers are not advised on their legal rights. Given the scale of the crisis, government services are rarely able to respond quickly, and donors are becoming fatigued by the lack of improvement in the crisis. At SolidariTee, we believe that access to fair representation is a fundamental human right.


Legal aid NGOs offer the legal guidance that refugees require in order to successfully make their asylum case. Improved legal guidance speeds up the asylum process and dispels false rumours, meaning that refugees can leave camps quicker. Crucially, it ensures that highly vulnerable individuals are granted the safety and security that they might not otherwise reach. 

Asylum seekers homeless due to overcrowding of camps, Thessaloniki, August 2019
How Mobile Info Team Helps

Hover here to read Zania's testimonial.


Mobile Info Team's family reunification support allowed for Zania, along with three children, to join her husband and their father in Germany. 

You can read more about how we're helping MIT in Grant Giving

How Fenix Helps

Hover here to read an anecdote from Amanda Munñoz de Toro, the Executive Director of Fenix.

Fenix's support in Lesvos is ensuring the reunification of hundreds of families across Europe, and asylum success of thousands.

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What exactly does your £10 achieve?

We've chosen to support Mobile Info Team and Fenix in 2018-19 because they're effective, efficient and sustainable. Here's how your money helps:

Mobile Info Team

  •  £4.50 pays for a volunteer translator in Greece for the day, who sees 30-40 individuals per day.

  •  £13.50 pays for a full time volunteer caseworker in Greece for the day, who sees 20-30 individuals per day.

Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid

  • £1,000 pays for a foreign attorney to join the team full time for a month

  • £20 pays for all of the long term volunteers' accommodation for one night

  • £300 pays for a Greek attorney to join the team for a week


SolidariTee is the largest student-led charity fighting for change in the refugee crisis. We raise awareness of the crisis and offer grants to NGOs and individuals working in this field.

Charity Number: 1182195

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