SolidariTee is the largest student-led charity fighting for change in the refugee crisis. We raise awareness of the crisis and offer grants to NGOs and individuals working in this field.

Charity Number: 1182195

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SolidariTee is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England & Wales with the Charity Commission.

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Are you a student currently looking to lend your time to helping refugees? Look no further! SolidariTee is the largest student community in the world dedicated to helping refugees.


We have a number of roles available, all of which can be completed remotely. None of our roles require prior experience; all we look for is dedication, hard work, and responsiveness. Our roles are divided into regional and national positions. Read on to find a position for you!

Are you at one of these universities?

We currently have teams at the following Universities across the UK and beyond, but we'd love to add more to this list!


Whether you'd be joining an existing team or bringing SolidariTee to your campus for the first time, we welcome applications from anyone who wants to make a difference during their time at University.



Oxford Brookes
Queens Uni Belfast
Royal Holloway



St Andrews
St George's
University of Law Moorgate

SolidariTee Online Representative
(April 2020- September 2020)

 Want to help out whilst you’re away from uni? Become an online rep for SolidariTee and raise money for refugee aid without opening your front door! Online reps are able to use all social media platforms to help campaign, raise awareness of the refugee crisis and raise vital funds by directing buyers to our online shop. As part of an international team, online reps will be part of the SolidariTee community and have access to a range of webinars, support and online resources. You’ll be able develop knowledge of the refugee crisis and gain creative marketing and publicity skills. If you love being a virtual rep then it will also act as a fantastic gateway to becoming a regional campus representative next year!

Regional Representative
(October 2020 onwards)

Without reps, SolidariTee wouldn’t be able to function. SolidariTee reps are responsible for the sale of our custom-made t-shirts, raising crucial money that goes to refugee aid. Reps will benefit from a support structure through the head rep system, as well as our custom selling guides, and calls with the national team wherever necessary. 

Head Representative

Being a head rep means being an anchor for your team and overseeing the fundraising of thousands of pounds. You will benefit from weekly calls from the national team as well as access to our social media, our fundraising expertise and our national network of head reps.

No prior experience is required, but it is important that you remain responsive and responsible as you will be overseeing large amount of stocks while managing your reps.

National Team

The national team is the heart of SolidariTee. It oversees everything from events, to our hundreds of reps, to our social media channels, and much more. SolidariTee is a registered charity with an international footprint, so we require a high commitment from those on the national team, although we do understand that students have academic deadlines and we are able to work around this when given notice. Responsiveness, initiative, responsibility, hard work and the ability to communicate well under pressure are all desired qualities, although no prior experience is needed. Above all, we are looking for a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and great communication skills.

Assisting with writing and organising social media content for the 3 social media channels, liaising with the press, writing press releases.


Recruitment and Team Management:
Weekly meetings with each of your regional teams, supporting and offering guidance to their selling, ensuring stock is accounted for.


Fundraising, Sponsorship and Outreach:
Putting on events, seeking out sponsorship and fundraising paths, maintaining good relations with partners.


Shop Manager:
Managing SolidariTee's online sales, customer care, conducting research into stock sales, liaising with accountants 


Graphic Designer: 
Designing SolidariTee's custom social media content; creating designs and stock to be sold.


Web Manager: 
Updating SolidariTee's website, managing the email server, assisting with design and management of the online shop. Knowledge of WordPress, Zoho, and Magento, or the ability to learn quickly on the job is a must. 

To apply for any of these roles, please fill in the application form below: