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We're empowering students so that they can shape the future

Are you a student currently looking to volunteer your time and make a difference? Look no further! 

Join our international community of young activists and contribute to making real change for refugees and asylum seekers.


We have a variety of roles to available, all of which can be done remotely, and are divided into central and regional team positions. None of our roles require prior experience - we simply seek to build a team of dedicated, compassionate, and creative people who we can continue learning with together.


 Please email if you require the application form in another language.

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This organisational chart shows how our teams interact and work together. Read on for role descriptions and application details - every single role on our team is voluntary.

SolidariTee Central and Regional Teams

The Central Team is the heart of SolidariTee, responsible for carrying out the core activities of the charity and coordinating action between our volunteers across the globe. The team leads our core fundraising and awareness raising efforts, from outreach and event organisation to managing our social media channels and online shop.


SolidariTee Regional Teams are based at individual universities and other institutions, and take action on their campus through organising events and campaigns on campus, in addition to selling our custom-made t-shirts.


SolidariTee is a registered charity with an international footprint, and an important mission, so it’s important that everyone on our team works hard, and takes their responsibilities seriously. However, we understand that students have academic and other commitments, and all of us work remotely and flexibly. Responsiveness, the ability to take initiative and to communicate well under pressure are desired qualities, although no prior experience is needed. Above all, we are looking for a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to the cause. Despite the serious nature of the cause we’re working for, being part of the SolidariTee team is also a lot of fun, and you can expect to make new friends and meet like-minded people whilst also trying new things and building change-making skills you can carry forward for life. 

Available Central Team positions include:

Communications Officer (6+ hours/week)

The comms team is responsible for creating content across our 3 social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) primarily. Our team work on a range of educational posts including our infographic and mythbuster series, in addition to covering current events and promoting our SolidariTee shirts and events.

This role would suit someone who can communicate clearly, in a concise and engaging style. An eye for design would be beneficial, and given that much of our social media content seeks to convey complex issues in an accessible way, this role would also suit someone who enjoys research and could stay up to date with current affairs. 
Additional tasks within this team could include content creation for our website, assisting with writing press releases, and helping to curate photographs of our latest product designs. 

Fundraising Officer (6+ hours/week)

The fundraising team is responsible for seeking out routes for us to raise vital funds and develop fundraising paths other than our t-shirt sales  which help us to continue providing to offer grants to legal aid NGOs. In the past, the fundraising team has organised a variety of online and in person events ranging from art exhibitions to comedy shows,  worked on collaborations and ticket donations from university balls and theatre shows,  developed partnerships with businesses, and lauched our virtual gifts donation scheme. However, the possibilities for future projects are almost endless!


This role would suit someone creative and dynamic, with excellent organisation skills and confidence in communicating professionally. 

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Outreach Officer (6+ hours/week)

The outreach team primarily focus on developing creative methods to raise awareness of the 'refugee crisis', and educate people about the importance of legal aid as a long-term solution to the crisis, bringing SolidariTee's work to a wider audience. Previous projects have included creating a podcast, organising a 2-day conference, coordinating university talks, developing event partnerships, and running school summer camps. Creativity, an ability to communicate clearly, and speak to a diverse range of people with difference levels of prior knowledge, and a passion for education would be desirable qualities.

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Regional Manager (6+ hours/week)

SolidariTee Regional Teams are currently operating at more than 60 universities, and are overseen by head reps at each uni. Regional Teams are responsible for the sale of SolidariTee t-shirts on campus, as well as for organising awareness raising and fundraising events and activities, which can range from cookery classes to conferences and yoga sessions.

As a regional manager on the Central Team (part of the 'Team SolidariTee' division), you would be responsible for overseeing the activities of between six and ten Regional teams, holding regular calls with the head reps at each of these universities, offering guidance and leading training sessions regarding t-shirt sales and rep recruitment, and supporting the organisation of regional events. Additional tasks include assisting with head rep recruitment, ensuring all stock is accounted for at each university, and creating resources and other supporting materials for regional teams to use. Leadership experience is beneficial but not required; enthusiasm, organisation, flexibility, and being dependable with a supportive attitude are the key qualities needed.


Application Information (all roles):

Central Team: Applications for the Central Team closed on Friday 4th June. 

Regional Team: Applications for these roles will are currently open! Head rep applications close on 25th June, and all other positions will be considered on a rolling basis after this time. If you would like to apply for one of the regional team roles, but you will be on a year abroad as opposed to on campus, please state this in your application, as our year abroad reps across the world form a team of their own! The duration of all roles is one academic year (approximately July 21-July 22).

If you have any language barriers or learning difficulties which would make it difficult for you to submit a written application in English, please email and we will provide a different way of applying. Thank you for your interest in joining the SolidariTee team! 


Available Regional Team positions include:

Are you at one of these universities?

We have an established SolidariTee presence at 60 Universities across 10 countries but we'd love to add more to this list!


Whether you are joining of these existing teams or starting a new SolidariTee chapter on your campus for the first time, we welcome applications from anyone who wants to make a difference during their time at University.


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London South Bank Lancaster




Nottingham Trent
Oxford Brookes
Queen Mary's

Queens Belfast

Queens Ontario

SciencesPo Menton
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Sri Lanka

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Trinity Dublin

University of Online

University of North Carolina
Year Abroad

Regional Representative (3+ hours/week)

Without hundreds of amazing reps across the world each year, SolidariTee wouldn't be able to function. Reps are responsible for bringing our cause and what we stand for into their student and local communities in a fun, engaging and creative way. Team size varies by university, but we often have between 15-50 reps per team! 

Each regional SolidariTee team works together to organise a variety of fundraising and awareness events throughout the year, which range from panel discussions and conferences to 'Dance 4 SolidariTee' club nights and sponsored runs! 

In addition to participating in these team events and activities, as a rep, you are also responsible for selling 20 SolidariTee t-shirts throughout the academic year - through this alone you'll raise enough to fund a volunteer caseworker at a legal aid NGO for two weeks. All of our reps also lead one initiative of their own, by themselves or in small groups, using their own specific skills and interests to further SolidariTee's mission in whichever way you would like. This year, rep initiatives have ranged from people making and selling their own cookery books all the way through to sponsored cycles and yoga classes - you'll get to work as a team build skills in event organisation, outreach and marketing, whilst also making a tangible difference as an individual throughout.

Head Representative
(6+ hours/week) 

Being a head rep means being an anchor for your team, reaching hundreds of people through your outreach and events, and overseeing the fundraising of thousands of pounds.

Head reps are responsible for recruiting and building a team, organising the counting and distribution of SolidariTee t-shirts for their team, and supporting everyone in selling all of the stock. You'll also be taking the lead on the organisation of whole-team fundraising and awareness initiatives alongside fundraising, outreach and publicity coordinators, and facilitating each rep on your team in completing their own intiatives. 

No prior experience is required, but it is important to be responsible and committed  as you will be overseeing a large amount of stock and managing a team. Above all, it's important to be dynamic, compassionate and approachable as a leader - at SolidariTee, we view leadership as being an 'umbrella' for the team - facilitating each person to grow their own ideas whilst protecting them from the rain so that things can run smoothly. You'll need to be able to focus on several things at once as lots of events may be being organised in parallel, and be able to be creative in developing new ideas to raise awareness. You'll be setting the tone for SolidariTee on your campus, so an awareness of needing to be respectful and sensitive when speaking about the 'refugee crisis' is important. All head reps receive designated support on a weekly basis from regional managers on our central team, who can provide advice, guidance and resources as required. 

Events Coordinators:
Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator
(4+ hours/week)

There are at least two events coordinators per SolidariTee regional team; one fundraising coordinator and one outreach coordinator. 

The events coordinators are responsible for working with the head rep to lead the organisation of the whole-team fundraising and awareness-raising (outreach) events throughout the year alongside the rest of the team, in addition to supporting reps with the completion of their own initiatives. Each coordinator will take the lead on either fundraising or outreach respectively, but there is naturally some overlap, as lots of events can raise donations and awareness at the same time!

This role is great opportunity to have some fun whilst potentially raising thousands of pounds for SolidariTee and bringing the conversation surrounding refugee rights more into the student discourse. Past events have included club nights, panel discussions, balls, bake sales, debates, comedy nights and fashion shows. The Events Coordinators work closely with the Publicity Officer and the Head Rep to oversee each event from its conception to execution. 


No prior experience is necessary, but this role would suit someone who is imaginative, organised and who has a passion for bringing people together. 

Publicity Officer
(4+ hours/week)

The Publicity Officer is responsible for getting your  SolidariTeam on the map at your uni! This includes working closely with the other team members to publicise events, market the tees, share important information about refugee rights and legal aid via social media, and setting a creative vision for raising awareness online and offline across campus. Other responsibilities may include designing and distributing posters and organising photoshoots for your team and their tees. SolidariTee regional teams also have the opportunity to set up (or continue) their own social media accounts, in collaboration with the Central Team, so you will also have the opportunity to  lead the design and creation of communications content if your team would like to. 


No prior experience is necessary, but this role would suit someone with an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of social media engagement..

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SolidariTee - Year Abroad Teams

Want to help out whilst you’re away from uni? SolidariTee is proud to be an international movement, and we welcome applications from students everywhere. We'd love for students far and wide to join us in fighting for long-term change in the refugee crisis.Your role might be a little different to that of a SolidariTee rep at other campuses, focusing more on awareness raising and events than t-shirt sales, but you'll nevertheless be part of a worldwide community and make a tangible impact throughout the year, with support from the Central Team and the flexibility to organise any events you think would work best!

To apply for any of these roles, please fill in the application form below. If you have any questions about these positions please email