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Awareness-raising events are at the heart of what we do at SolidariTee. We regularly host talks, discussions and conferences which bring people together to learn more about migration and displacement, and to discuss avenues for lasting, compassionate solutions to better support refugees and displaced people. 


Each year, our student team chooses one or more overall themes under which to focus their awareness-raising and educational efforts. In the 2023-24 year, this focus is on inclusion; considering who is left in and out of efforts to support refugees and displaced people, and the heirarchies that exist within different forms of migration, are important factors when searching for lasting solutions that don't cause harm to already marginalised groups. 

Previous themes have included 'accountability in action', 'beyond the Mediterranean', and 'Then and Now: the 'refugee crisis' since 2015'. Scroll down to read more about upcoming and past events. 

Upcoming Events

Annual Conference 2024 - Saturday 16th March, London

Outside In: Towards Broader Inclusion of Refugees and Displaced People

Conference Schedule 2024.jpg

Past Events

Follow the links below to view the speaker lineup and photos from some of our past events.

Annual Conference 2023 

Accountability in Action

Week of Action 2023

Shifting the Spotlight

Annual Conference 2021

Our very first conference

St Andrew's Conference 2023 

From 'integration' to true inclusion

Annual Conference 2022

'Then and Now: The 'Refugee Crisis' Since 2015

Refugee Week Conference 2021 

Beyond the Mediterranean

Annual Conference 2024

Scroll down to read more about our confirmed speakers 

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

award winning women’s rights activist focused on uplifting marginalised Afghan voices

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq is an award-winning women’s rights advocate, a TEDx Speaker, social entrepreneur from Afghanistan. A true trailblazer in her field, Sveto is dedicated to empowering women economically and changing the ‘single story’ narrative about her home country. Her work on national and international platforms has been instrumental in promoting unheard Afghan experiences and amplifying Afghan women’s voices during the Taliban regime. Sveto began her activism at a young age of 14 by authoring publications on women’s rights in Afghanistan, and has since founded several organizations, including Ayat and Chadari.

She holds an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from LSE, an MSc Degree in Economics and Business from Tsinghua University in China, and a BBA from the American University of Afghanistan. She is also Afghanistan’s first Schwarzman Scholar and the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the British Muslim Awards.

She has been selected as one of the three Women PeaceMaker Fellows from across the globe by Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice and is an Aspen Institute Rising Fellow. She sits on Board of Trustees in several organizations, including the World Hijab Day Organization, which operates in over 150 countries with the mission to dismantle Islamaphobia and transform the hijab narrative. Sveto’s efforts have been recognized by BBC, UNHCR, the UK House of Commons, Daily Express, etc.

Alexandra Lopoukhine

partnerships, advocacy and NGO management expert focused on human rights and legal aid

Alexandra 1.jpg
With over two decades of international work in partnership development, strategic communications, and fundraising, Alexandra is passionate about advancing social justice across diverse audiences. She has a proven track record of supporting positive shifts in accessing justice and facilitating innovative collaborations for meaningful engagement. Currently, Alexandra is the Managing Director for Rethinking Removals, whose mission is to scale carbon removal. Previously, she was the Head of Strategic Engagement at Women Political Leaders (WPL), a global network of female politicians; the Interim Executive Director at Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), a leading charity that advocates for the rights and dignity of migrants in the UK; and has held senior positions with Mercy Corps, and the World Economic Forum and Amnesty International Canada.  She is bilingual in French and English, a world traveler, and a good-humoured, feminist leader.

Paul Knox Clarke

expert on the relationship between climate change and humanitarian action

An expert in humanitarian response, Paul served as head of research for the ALNAP, and is an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. Paul is also principal of the ADAPT initiative, supporting humanitarian actors to strategically and operationally adapt to climate change. Previously, he has held various roles with the World Food Programme and Save the Children, and was Executive Director of Oxford Change Management.

Minoo Jalali

women's and legal rights activist and practitioner


Minoo Jalali-Naini is a retired Immigration Law Practitioner and women's rights campaigner, who is renowned for her campaigning for refugee and immigration issues in Britain.

In 1978 Minoo was pursuing a postgraduate course in International Law in Oxford when the Iranian pre-revolutionary fervor to overthrow the Shah dictatorship began. Minoo and her husband decided to return to Iran and participated in the protests for democracy and social justice. Minoo has stated about the protests that: 'there was a defiance in the air, which was beautiful'. After the overthrow of the Shah, she focused campaigning against the regression of women's rights, particularly in the field of divorce and family law. She participated in the International Women's Day March on 8 March 1979 protesting the mandatory issue that women must wear Hijab. She joined and later became an executive member of the National Union of Women that was the largest women's organisation campaigning for equal rights. She was active within the Iranian Bar Association that was trying to safeguard its independence from the government's intervention. The effects of changes in family law were devastating for women and many needed advice and help to keep the custody of their children. All women judges had already been removed from their position and women lawyers were facing threats and intimidation. In this climate of fear, Minoo focused on providing pro bono advice and court representation to women who could not afford the legal fee. Her active role in the campaign of the National Union of Women against the introduction of Sharia Law resulted in her being labeled as an enemy of the state, and being unlawfully barred from Practice. She was forced to leave Iran in 1983.

Minoo returned to Britain, where she was granted asylum, and worked for the Citizen Rights Office in Edinburgh. Alongside other women activists, Minoo set up the first Asian women's refuge in Edinburgh. In 1987, she joined the Avon and Bristol Law Centre in Bristol, where she set up an immigration team to represent clients with asylum and immigration issues. In 1996, she became a founding member of the Refugee Women's Legal Group, highlighting a gendered perspective on refugee law.

Minoo has worked with several organisations and community groups to promote a fair immigration policy and refugee protection. Between 1994-2016, she was a trustee of Refugee Action. In 2008, she was made a Trustee of Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrant (JCWI), an organisation, who first met in Boston Manor, which advocates for fair British immigration and nationality law challenging unjust laws and practices that lead to discrimination, and provision of legal assistance. Minoo was elected Chair of the JCWI in 2013 and continued in the post until March 2020 and continued as a board member. She is also on the board of the Immigrants Aid Trust, which works to protect and promote the rights, wellbeing and welfare of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees by supporting JCWI advice, research, advocacy and public education work. In June 2016, an orange plaque was erected in Old Street in Minoo's name by the JCWI to celebrate her work for refugee and immigrants.

Rima Amin

grassroots activist and founder of Cartoons not Cruelty campaign

Rima Amin (1).jpg
Rima is the founder of Cartoons Not Cruelty -  a grassroots movement calling to restore cartoon murals for children in UK asylum centres after the Government removed them last year. The campaign also drives a more compassionate approach towards child refugees - with community activations happening across the UK. Rima enjoys getting nerdy about activism, storytelling, policy and coffee.

Jo Wilding

lecturer, researcher and writer specialising in legal aid and access to legal advice

profile photo.jpeg
Jo Wilding is a lecturer, researcher and writer specialising in legal aid and access to legal advice. She practised as an immigration and asylum lawyer for 9 years and jointly leads Sussex University's Migration Law Clinic. She made several trips to Iraq, where you wrote about the stories of ordinary Iraqi people living through sanctions, war and occupation, and founded a small circus working with children who had experienced trauma there in 2004.

Teia Rogers

feminist & rights-based development professional

Teia Rogers is a development professional specialising in organisational transformation, programme quality and effectiveness, strategic planning, and change management. As the Founder and Managing Director of JRNY Consulting, she has been at the forefront of advocating for feminist and rights-based approaches in complex operational landscapes. Teia has advanced participatory, equity-focused approaches that challenge ethnocentrism and reposition and privilege the lived experiences of Rights-Holders.  She believes that transformative change is most effective when organisations and teams are aligned with power-sensitive values rooted in their visions for change.
Teia Headshot.jpg

Tareq Shrourou

Director, Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights

Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR) is a legal charity in the UK that works on projects focused on protecting and promoting Palestinian human rights. Tareq is Director and Principal Lawyer of LPHR. Prior he was a practising human rights solicitor and led the public legal advice service at the prominent human rights organisation, Liberty.

Tareq leads on LPHR’s legal work, policy positioning, government and parliamentary engagement, education activities and outreach. He supervises and works with LPHR’s Executive Committee who provide outstanding voluntary support. He devises and implements LPHR’s strategy with the oversight of its expert Board of Trustees and has responsibility for LPHR’s profile and impact.

Before becoming LPHR’s first Director in 2013, Tareq worked as a human rights solicitor representing asylum claimants, unaccompanied children and survivors of human trafficking. In this position he was specifically referred serious and complex cases from two prominent UK human rights organisations, Freedom from Torture and Liberty. He represented the Pakistan test-match cricketer, Zulqarnain Haider, in a high profile asylum claim.

Prior to being a practising solicitor, Tareq co-supervised the free legal advice service at Liberty which helps hundreds of individuals each year, after completing his legal training at a leading civil liberties law firm in London.

Tareq holds an LLB law degree from SOAS, University of London, an LLM in Public International Law from King’s College London, University of London, and completed the LPC with a distinction. He is mixed heritage, with an English mother and Palestinian father.

Moud Goba

advocacy and charity management expert focused on protection and inclusion services for LGBTQI+ migrants

 Moud currently works as a National Manager for Micro Rainbow, the leading organisations in the UK supporting LGBTQI migrants. She leads the organisation programmes at national level: their safe housing work which provides 24,000 bed-nights a year to homeless LGBTQI asylum seekers and their social inclusion and employability schemes. More recently Moud has managed the integration process of LGBTQI people who arrived to the UK from Afghanistan. Moud is one of the founding members of UK Black Pride and she is the current Chair of their Board of Trustees. Moud was recently named as one of the BBC 100 women for 2022 and was the recipient of an Attitude Pride Award.  Her pronouns are she/her.
Moud Goba.jpg
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