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"It is criminal that asylum seekers find themselves so horrifically unprepared for the most important interview of their life"

Cherwell, Oxford

"We must not lose sight of the ultimate goal no matter how far off it seems, as it can often be closer than we think."

Al Jumhuriya

"None of this is acceptable. And it need not be accepted. The machinery and process which confine refugees conspire to perpetuate their unenviable conditions."

Nouse, York

 “fashion is one of the most powerful ways to express one’s individuality, personality and values, and that’s why we feel it goes so well with our awareness raising mission.”

Cardiff Student Media

Every now and again an image from a refugee camp lights up our tv screens for 5 minutes and the world sits up for a moment.....more often than not, that burning need to take action lasts just as long as the news report and then quickly evaporates as something else fills the screen

The Saint

“Student activism often, by default, leans far more towards discussion and passivity than action
which is why I was so keen to become part of a campaign which is actively creating change.”

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