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COVID-19 Open Letter

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An Open Letter to European leaders as the refugee crisis continues to unfold amidst the spread of COVID-19

- March 2020

Dear European Leaders, 


Ever since 2015, when hundreds of thousands of refugees sought safety upon European soil, you and your predecessors have collectively taken decisions such that these waves of migration have become a crisis.

The situation for asylum seekers on European soil has long since passed its breaking point . The Mediterranean remains one of the deadliest crossing points in the world for refugees and asylum seekers. Death by drowning is common in the Mediterranean sea, and at its worst it has seen 800 people lose their lives in one day alone (18th April 2019).The number of missing asylum seekers now totals in the thousands. And yet this area continues to lack the search and rescue missions to prevent needless fatalities. Mass tragedies have become the new norm.

Even for those who reach European soil alive, the situation is still dire. Suicides have grown increasingly common, with asylum seekers setting themselves on fire in Greek camps, or unaccompanied minors committing suicide even after settlement in the UK. 

And still, the situation is going from bad to worse. Turkey has recently opened its borders to Europe, only for asylum seekers to be met with tear gas, and forced to strip. Dinghies carrying female, male, and minor asylum seekers from Turkey to Greece have recently been attacked. The camps have never been so crowded, with 20,000 now in Moria, a camp originally built for approximately 3000. 


Now, there has been the first case of COVID-19 on the island of Lesvos. MSF doctors have warned that in these cramped conditions, infection prevention is impossible. They have reported that “in some parts of Moria camp there is just one water tap for every 1,300 people and no soap available. Families of five or six have to sleep in spaces of no more than three square metres.”

As an international body of students, the generation of the future, and organisations committed to standing up to these injustices, we refuse to live in a world that treats humans like this. We stand in solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers worldwide, and demand that their rights be respected. We promise to work towards a better future. And we call upon you, as those who can enact change at an international level, to commit to doing three things:

1. Protect vulnerable refugees from COVID-19 in the same way as you would any other at-risk person in your country. Evacuate people from camps if necessary.

2. Commit to funding legal aid for refugees on European soil, and to improving legal structures and infrastructures. Without sustainable aid, robust asylum offices, and fairer procedures, we will continue to see such devastating miscarriages of justice.

3. End brutality and ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are treated with dignity. Whatever the outcome of their asylum interviews, there is no excuse for tear-gassing fellow human beings, forcing them to remove their clothes, or making them live in overcrowded and unsanitary camps.

SolidariTee National and Partners

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Looking for ways to help beyond this letter?

Mobilise your social media to raise awareness about what’s going on right now. Share this letter on your social media and with your friends. You can also follow this link, and search SOLIDARITEE-COVID, to change your profile picture to our frame with the hashtag #unitedinsolidaritee

Write to your MP expressing your concern, and asking that they show a greater commitment to refugees both in the UK and worldwide. This website offers a free and easy way to contact your national and local politicians. Make your voice heard - consider signing this petition to ask European leaders to do more to protect refugees from COVID-19.

Buy a SolidariTee on our online shopwith proceeds going to our emergency grant to COVID-19 response. 

Talk to people. Have those tricky conversations and challenge discriminatory opinions. You can find more information on this from our Mythbusters.

Volunteer with SolidariTee and join the student movement fighting for long-term change, raising funds and awareness in the refugee crisis. 

 List of partners


Aberdeen University Amnesty International Society

Bristol Student Action for Refugees

Bristol University Amnesty International Society

Cambridge Defends Education

Cambridge Doctors for All

Cambridge FLY

Cambridge Homeless -Outreach Programm

Cambridge University Amnesty International

Cambridge University Hope Not Hate Society

Cambridge University Human Rights Law Society

Cambridge University Lawyers Without Borders

Cambridge University Students Union Ethical Affairs Officers

Edinburgh University Amnesty International Society

Empower her voice Oxford

Engineers Without Borders Cambridge

Fitzwilliam College JCR, University of Cambridge

Girton College JCR, University of Cambridge

Gonville and Caius JCR, University of Cambridge

Hertford College MCR, University of Oxford

Jesus College JCR, University of Cambridge

Jo Cox Feminist Society

Just Love Cambridge

King's College Student Union, University of Cambridge

King's Women in Law

Lancaster University Amnesty International Society

LSESU European Society

Magdalene College JCR, University of Cambridge

Migrants in Culture

Murray Edwards College JCR, University of Cambridge

New College JCR Executive Committee, University of Oxford

Newcastle University Amnesty International Society

Oxford Migrant Solidarity

Oxford University Amnesty International Society

Oxford University French Society

Oxford Women In Law Student Society

Re:action Cambridge University

Refugee Action St Andrew's

Royal Holloway University of London Amnesty International

SciencesPo Menton Amnesty International

SciencesPo Menton Refugee Help

Sheffield Uni Politics Society

Sheffield University Amnesty International Society

Southampton University Amnesty International

Strathclyde Feminist Society

SciencesPo Menton Feminist Union

SciencesPo Menton Arab Student Organisation

Student Action for Refugees Edinburgh

Student Action for Refugees Glasgow

TEDxCambridgeUniversity Society

Trinity College JCR, University of Cambridge

UCL Amnesty International Society

Univeresity of Stirling Amnesty International Society

University of Bath Amnesty International Society

University of East London Refugee Welcome Group

University of York Amnesty International

Warwick Global Sustainable Development Society

Warwick International Development Society

Warwick University Amnesty International Society

William Osler House Club, University of Oxford


Bad Form Review

Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign



Inside Uni

Manchester Amnesty International

Pomegranate Workshops

Routes Collective

TABOU Disability Magazine

The People’s Backpack


Aid To LGBTQ Asylum Seekers Cambridge City of Sanctuary

CRIBS International

Distribute Aid

Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid

Humans for Humans (Imagine Project)

Lesbians & Gays Support the Migrants

Mobile Info Team

MSF UK Take Action Group

Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex and London

Rethink Rebuild Society


Scottish Refugee Council

Small Acts of Kindness

Stitchting Bootvluchteling

Strath Street Care


Amika George, Founder of Free Periods

Amber Sparks, Oxford Student Union VP Women

Ben Margolis, Cambridge SU President Elect

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

Dr Anthony Freeling, President of Hughes Hall College, University of Cambridge

Dr Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury


Leah Moss, Policy and Advocacy Officer Plan International


Lord Chris Smith

Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker, Hosts of Yikes Podcast


Mr. Neil Mendoza, Provost of Oriel College, University of Oxford


Professor Jonathan Michie, President, Kellogg College, University of Oxford



Professor A. David Yates, Warden of Robinson College, Cambridge

​Stella Swain, Cambridge SU Welfare Officer

The Baroness Cox, Independent member of the House of Lords and CEO, HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust)

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