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Welcome to SolidariTee

About us

We currently have more than 200 student volunteers at over 30 universities.

Since registering as a charity, we have given out more than £400,000 in grants to grassroots NGOs providing legal and psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers.

We work with local partner organisations providing empowering, lasting forms of support. We carefully vet all of our partners to make sure that they're accountable to those most impacted by their work, are spending their money efficiently, and have excellent safeguarding mechanisms in place. 

To read more, watch our video below, made up of interviews filmed in the offices of 5 of our partner NGOs in Greece.

We combine student and youth-led activism with work that makes tangible change for refugees and asylum seekers living in camps across Greece. 


featuring artwork by artists with experience of displacement

 New: Virtual Art Gallery


Prices have been set by artists, who will take payment directly. Many also include a donation to SolidariTee. All donations will contribute to our NGO grants, providing legal and psychological aid services to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. 

Who we are

We’re a charity led by students and young people, standing against the injustices faced by refugees worldwide. We work together with people of all ages and backgrounds to create an international community which supports and upholds the rights of all those forced to flee their homes globally.

SolidariTee is
run entirely by volunteers - we have no paid staff or office space. We give grants to grassroots NGOs (non-governmental organisations) working to provide expert professional legal and psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece.

Our vision is a world in which every person who is forcibly displaced is treated with dignity.

Whether a person is fleein
g war, violence, persecution based on their beliefs or identity, or climate-induced disasters, we believe that everyone should be able to live in peace and safety. We also believe that everyone should have access to legal aid and other vital services which enable people to access their rights in the long-term. 

What we do

SolidariTee shirts 
Our custom-made t-shirts, or SolidariTees, are central to who we are. Each tee features designs created by artists who are themselves refugees or have a background in forced migration. All of our products act as a visual display of solidarity with forcibly displaced people, as well as enabling us to provide funding to those organisations working with people living in refugee camps across Greece and beyond.


In addition to our awareness-raising events, our social media infographics and mythbusters seek to break down many of the harmful stereotypes often perpetuated about refugees, and provide clear, up-to-date information about refugee issues worldwide. 


We focus our grants on small and medium sized NGOs helping those who have fled violence and persecution to navigate the complex process of seeking asylum. In doing so, we're helping to prevent unjust deportations, reunite families, and ensure that refugee gain access to their rights under international law, and are able to access housing, work, and education in a country of safety. 


From conferences and panel discussions to jazz nights and rock climbing events, we put refugee rights on the map as a central part of daily life. Throughout the year, our student teams organise a variety of events and initiatives which anyone interested is able to get involved with. 

Donate to our work

SolidariTee is reliant on individual donations and t-shirt sales to fund our work. If you'd like to make a donation to support our partner organisations in upholding and defending the rights and freedoms of those forced to flee persecution, please follow the link below.

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