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An international, student-led charity fighting for

long-term change in the 'refugee crisis'

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SolidariTee is an international movement of students, and those who support us, fighting for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee their home due to fear of persecution because of their identity or beliefs. Today, refugees and asylum seekers who have fled violence and persecution, making unbelievably difficult and life-threatening journeys to reach safety, are frequently forced to live in unbearable conditions in ‘camps’ across Europe and around the world. 

We’re a grant-giving charity, offering grants to NGOs (non-governmental organisations) which provide legal aid and other long-term, empowering forms of support to asylum seekers. We also work to raise awareness and inform the international community about the injustices perpetrated against refugees and asylum seekers worldwide, and about how we can create positive, lasting change to uphold the rights of all those affected by forced displacement.

Our 800 student volunteers organise a variety of online and (covid-19 permitting) in-person events and activities, ranging from conferences and panel discussions through to pottery events and quiz nights, in addition to raising vital funds through the sale of our custom made t-shirts, or SolidariTees. In the 2020-21 academic year alone, we’ve provided grants totalling £103,000 to 6 different legal aid NGOs, and organised more than 100 different events and online initiatives.

We’re student-led, but by no means student exclusive, and to make truly meaningful change we need to unite the international community as a whole. We welcome everyone to attend our events, join the movement, and stand in solidarity with refugees worldwide.

A flooded tent in a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, Autumn 2020

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Team at Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid, an NGO SolidariTee has been supporting since 2018


Warwick SolidariTee team, 2019-20

800 volunteers

6 NGOs

£103,000 given in grants this year

One movement

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Standing in SolidariTee in Greece