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Our Vulnerable Persons Policy

Giving to charity is an extremely rewarding experience which should be accessible to everyone. We are committed to ensuring that our fundraising is carried out in an honest and responsible way. SolidariTee is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, meaning we have committed to following their Code of Practice. This Code outlines the expected behaviours from fundraisers, with clear guidelines regarding interactions with those in vulnerable circumstances. 


We are committed to treating all our supporters and donors with respect and considering their individual needs. People may be considered vulnerable at any point in their lives depending on their personal circumstances, health, life events, and more. We recognise that vulnerable persons and people in vulnerable circumstances may require additional or different support to make decisions regarding their donations to charity.


The Fundraising Code of Practice notes that fundraisers must provide adequate information for donors to make an informed decision about their potential donation. Fundraisers also must not exploit any lack of knowledge, apparent need for care or support, or vulnerabilities of potential donors.


We are committed to supporting those in vulnerable circumstances regarding their charitable decision making, through processes such as delaying acceptance of the donation, including a ‘cooling off’ period of 7 days for if the donor changes their mind, or suggesting the donor gets advice from those they know. If we think someone we are interacting with may be in vulnerable circumstances, we will be sure to: take our time to explain during our conversation, offer alternative methods of contact, check the person understands, and ask if the person needs to speak to anyone else before making a decision.


If we believe someone lacks the capacity to make decisions or if we are not sure they do have the capacity, we will terminate the conversation politely and without asking for a donation. If someone does make a donation while they do not have the capacity to, and we are later informed about this we will return the donation.

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