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Join our student team today!


Help make real-world, lasting change to better uphold the rights of those forced to flee their homes.

Are you a student or recent school leaver looking to volunteer your time and make a difference? Look no further!

Join our international community of young activists and contribute to making real change for refugees, asylum seekers, and all those forced to migrate in vulnerable situations. Our student teams drive SolidariTee's mission and values, uniting their student communities in support of meaningful change for those forced to flee their homes.

What we do

A typical SolidariTee team will organise most of the following activities or campaigns during an academic year

  • Awareness-raising events: like panel discussions, conferences, and film screenings

  • Fundraising events: like quizzes, music nights, sponsored challenges and more!

  • SolidariTee t-shirts: photoshoots, campaigns and sales throughout the year

  • Social media: creating infographics, mythbusters and other educational campaigns

Ready to join?

Fill in the short application form below, and we'll get back to you within a week! For most of our roles, you'll need to attend a short, informal interview, organised by someone on our student team, before you can officially join.

Learning & Development

Lots of us on the team didn’t really know anything about refugees before we joined. That's a big part of why SolidariTee exists. 

In addition to learning about refugee issues and forced displacement, you'll also have the chance to gain knowledge and skills relating to:


  • event management

  • marketing & communications

  • fundraising

  • finance

  • humanitarian response

  • leadership


Each role on our team will leave you with lasting skills that apply to the charity, corporate, and academic sectors; leadership, target setting, financial planning, and advocacy are just a few of the skills that team members say they have gained.

Application Information


No experience is required, so long as you're committed to standing up for refugee rights and willing to do your part to make a difference - we'll provide lots of training opportunities and support along the way. If you have any queries, or access requirements which make filling in a written form difficult, please email Please note that all of our roles are voluntary.

Available roles

At SolidariTee we have a Central Team, which coordinates amongst our uni team, organises our annual conference, and runs our main social media account, as well as individual university teams based on campuses across the world who organise fundraising and awareness-raising events throughout the year.

Each uni team is led by one or more Team Leads, and the Central Team is led by one or more Student Presidents.

Current Applications

Volunteers are welcome to join the team at any point in the academic year across uni team roles, but we normally try to get Team Leads and Central Team members set up before the academic year starts in order to support the wider team and hit the ground running once term begins. 

If you're interested in taking on a Team Lead or Central role in the 2024-25 academic year, please do fill out our application form, as we respond to all applications on a rolling basis, and the earlier you can begin planning and building your team, the better! In the meantime, we continue to welcome volunteers during the current academic year (23-24) to join existing uni teams. 

Student President/s

Applications are currently open for one or more Student Presidents, who would lead the Central Team and coordinate across our Uni teams in the 2024/25 academic year. Applications close on Friday 22nd March - to apply, please review the role description and email to express interest. 

Our Aims

1. Give grants to organizations providing vital, long-term aid, such as legal and psychological services, to refugees, asylum seekers, and other people who have been forced to flee their homes.

2. Raise awareness of global refugee crises and unite the student body, as well as the wider community, in support of fundamental rights for all displaced people.

3. Give students, as the next generation of educators, human rights workers, professionals, and policymakers, the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence as activists and change-makers.

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