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SolidariTee in the press


Why the refugee crisis is a legal crisis at heart

“It strikes me that the refugee crisis is a legal crisis at heart, characterised by misinformation, disinformation, and lengthy waiting-times.”

- Varsity, 11th December 2018


Student’s t-shirts to raise money for refugees

“People seemed to have two main thoughts; firstly, that this was suprapolitical – that this was something that all people should be invested in, and secondly, that they wanted to do something. Solidarity wasn’t enough. So I thought of a way to combine both a show of support and something more practical, and came up with the idea of selling t-shirts.”

- Varsity (Cambridge), 17th February 2017


Cambridge student's campaign for refugees goes national

“Tiara says, “We talk a lot about how divided society is becoming, so the idea of students from all around the country uniting around one message was a really exciting prospect.””

- The Tab Cambridge, 20th August 2017


Meet SolidariTee, the student refugee campaign

“Amid European state nationalism and stringent control over inter-state movement of people, the SolidariTee campaign demonstrates the capacity for today’s youth to reach out across borders and support our fellow people.”

- Student Newspaper (Edinburgh), 9th November 2014


SolidariTee: Student activism for global issues

“The fundraising concept isn’t novel but it certainly is unique: the design on this year’s T-shirts comes from a meeting between an Afghan man and an Advocates lawyer in Chios. It’s a map of his life; where he was born, where he trained as an army officer, where he was captured by the Taliban. It’s personal, as everything referring to such a horrific humanitarian crisis should be.”

- Cherwell (Oxford), 3rd December 2017


Refuge from the Law

“Those awaiting registration have begun publicly to question whether the services in place to assist them truly exist, or whether they are in fact an elaborate joke orchestrated by their supposed helpers”

-, 18th July 2018


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