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Accountability, contact & policies

We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment for all those who come into contact with the charity or the impacts of our work. This includes:

  • SolidariTee volunteers - current and past

  • Team members (paid & unpaid) at NGOs that SolidariTee has funded in the past or is currently supporting

  • Those who have accessed services from organisations that SolidariTee has provided grant funding to

  • Those who have attended our events or otherwise engaged with the charity

Contact us

Feedback, complaints and disclosures

If you would like to share feedback about the impact of SolidariTee's work or one of the NGO partners that we have worked with in the past or are currently funding, you can do so by contacting CEO & trustee Alexa Netty at Alternatively, you can fill in this anonymous feedback form: 

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