SolidariTee supports small NGOs who provide legal aid to refugees.


What is legal aid?

Legal aid for refugees means representation or advice for asylum seekers, on anything from family reunification to an asylum claim.


Why legal aid?

We believe that legal aid is the most sustainable form of aid in the refugee crisis. Living in a refugee camp is extremely difficult: everything is put on hold. The conditions are harsh, with prostitution, violence, and drugs rife. The mental and physical health of the inhabitants suffer the longer they live in this limbo. 

Many of the injustices that asylum seekers and refugees face come about largely as a result of their existence in a legal grey area. Legal processes are complicated and need guidance. If each asylum seeker and refugee had access to legal aid, less people would be living in camps, having already started their new lives with refugee status, or having been resettled to a different country, or having been reunited with their family abroad. The pressure upon the camps and accommodation would be lessened. 


We believe access to legal representation is a fundamental human right.

No person should be denied this.


SolidariTee fights to keep conversations about the crisis in our media. 


Over the past few years, media coverage on the refugee crisis has dramatically decreased. SolidariTee strives to keep the conversation alive and combats the normalisation of false narratives.


We will not stay silent.


SolidariTee brings people together in a world-wide movement.


Who We Support

As of February 2019, SolidariTee is a registered charity with the misson to help fund other organisations who provide legal aid to refugees. This year, we are proud to be funding two new charities - Fenix and Mobile Info Team. In previous years, we have been supporting Advocates Abroad.

Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid

Fenix is a new NGO operating in Lesvos that supports all refugees' legal and administrative needs from asylum-interview preparation to school-registration and doctors' appointments. Find out more at

Mobile Info Team

MIT is an NGO operating in Thessaloniki that offers highly specialised advice on family reunification to refugees and asylum-seekers through sustainable volunteering. Find out more at

Advocates Abroad

Advocates Abroad is a non-profit organisation which provides humanitarian and legal aid and representation to refugees in crisis zones such as Greece and Turkey.

Find out more at