The refugee crisis touches us all.


SolidariTee supports organisations who provide legal aid to refugees and individuals working in the field.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access and can assume their right to legal aid and representation.

Our Aims


To highlight the importance of sustainable aid and promote sustainable volunteering.


To offer grants to organisations and individuals working in legal aid.


To show solidarity with refugees.

We are SolidariTee

an international student-led movement uniting people in support of refugees.


SolidariTee is an entirely student-led movement, started in January 2017 by student Tiara Sahar Ataii. In response to the dramatic decrease in media coverage of the refugee crisis, and her personal experience as a translator and interpreter for legal aid NGOs in Greece, Ataii set up a campaign that both raises money for legal aid, and shows solidarity with refugees.


Started at the University of Cambridge, SolidariTee has now spread to over 35 student teams in the UK, Germany, United States, Australia, and Jordan. Over our first two campaigns, our student committees amassed donations and sales of over £45,000, and gained support from MPs such as Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Bartley, Tim Farron, and Jeremy Corbyn, among many others.


We strive to be as sustainable and effective as possible. That’s why we hand-deliver as many shirts as possible, use recycled packaging, and rarely use plastic at our events. We’re proud to say that less than 1% of your donations are spent in overheads and administration.

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