Give real change. 

SolidariTee supports long-term solutions to the refugee crisis. 


£10 is one day's expenses for a legal caseworker, fighting for refugees' rights. It's supplies for an English language teacher. Perhaps it's the weekly bus fare for a trauma psychiatrist to get to a refugee camp.  Whatever it is, you're laying the stepping stones of sustainable change.  You're a trend-setter and a trailblazer. You've opened the doors for long-term change. 

£50 is enough to house volunteer legal translators, psychiatrists, teachers, mentors and ambassadors for a week. You're breaking down legal and language barriers. You're bettering integration, crushing stereotypes about refugees. You're showing the media, governments and the rest of the world how sustainable change can make a change for us all. 



£100 will cover legal advice sessions for over 150 asylum-seekers. It will help pay the bills of grassroots projects, bringing bigger and better opportunities in work and education for refugees. You're helping others reach their potential and beyond. You're  


SolidariTee is the largest student-led charity fighting for change in the refugee crisis. We raise awareness of the crisis and offer grants to individuals and NGOs working in this field

Charity Number: 1182195

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